A changing world 3

Many years ago, someone told us, “If you want to know what someone’s like, get them to write something down, or get them to take part in a group discussion.”

Nothing’s changed about that – it’s always been so.

But what has changed, and changed quite incredibly, is that, with the advances in communication that have taken place in the last 25 years, anyone can invite anyone who’s got an email address, even if they’re on the other side of the world, to write something down, and if they do write something down, what they’ve written down can be made readily be made available to anyone in the whole wide world.

And it’s so easy to invite anyone who’s got an email address to take part in a group discussion, a debate, on anything, and for their contributions to that discussion or debate to be readily made available to anyone in the whole wide world.

In other words, it’s a thousand times easier for many more people to know what people, (and organisations,) are like.

It’s then, of course, up to those people to decide what to do about what they’ve learnt.

We are just seeing the beginnings of how this is going to change the world completely in all sorts of areas. One of the areas, out of hundreds, that interests us, is the area of politics.

We have discussed the MP Geoff Lee in this post. This is a bloke who bombards people in his electorate with photos of himself and sends best wishes cards to those having significant birthdays, but who, as we’ve learnt, seems to have not the slightest interest in or concern about matters of substance, in that the many letters we’ve emailed him about matters of substance seem to have gone straight into the trash. How long is it going to be viable for Members of Parliament to be like this?

We sent letters by email to Ken Wyatt, the Assistant Minister for Health in the Federal Government, on the 27 Sep 2015 and the 28 Oct 2015, asking for his help on the simplest of matters. And all we’ve ever got back were automated responses telling us he gets SO many emails, and how, of course, he gives preference to responding to emails form people in his own electorate – nothing more! And this bloke is an Assistant Minister for Health!

And we’ve written extensively about Jillian Skinner in this post – who appears to have blatantly failed to keep a promise she made, and who makes a fool of herself in the way she responds, or doesn’t respond, to letters about it. How long will it be before people will be saying, “We don’t want Governments who have Ministers for Health like this.”

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