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Panteli Nicolopoulos Medical Negligence Solicitor

Mr Nicolopoulos comes over as one of the worst possible people you could consult and/or use on medical negligence matters. And a “smart alec” as well! To view one of his letters and our reaction to it, use this link.

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Chinese Medicine 2

Our reader who first alerted us to the possible beneficial effects of Panax Ginseng Extractum capsules, says that he used this website to order 3 bottles of them, and was most impressed with their efficiency. Their basic price for 30 … Continue reading

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Dr (Professor) Anthony Keech Cardiologist

Correspondence with from 27 Jan 2016. For details of correspondence with other Sydney Cardiologists, use this link.

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Chinese Medicine 1

A 10 Feb 2016 update: The reader who first alerted us to to the possibly beneficial effects of these capsules has advised us that he is not as enthusiastic about them as he was initially. So it’s up to you, … Continue reading

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Australian Medical Professional Organisations 1

Three times now – on the 19 Jan, the 22 Jan and the 1 Feb 2016 – we’ve sent the same letter by email to the grandly named Royal Australian College of General Practitioners asking:- And each time we’ve got … Continue reading

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Medical Specialists in general 1

We’ve started putting together a list of Sydney cardiologists with details of how they’ve responded or not responded to emails sent to them. There’s an enormous amount of research that we could and should do before we think of consulting … Continue reading

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Dr Albert Shafransky Cardiologist

In case any of our readers haven’t realised it yet, the medical profession in Australia, is, to all intents and purposes, unregulated – doctors know they can get away with murder, almost literally. If we don’t do our homework we … Continue reading

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Doctors and emails 4

We’ve started putting together a list of Sydney Cardiologists and how we’ve got on when we’ve emailed them. Use this link to visit it. When it comes to deciding which ones to consider consulting and/or using first, we don’t think … Continue reading

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Looking after your heart 1

A quote from this cardiology website. This, after claiming, that “every day about 98 Australian men suffer heart attacks” and that heart disease is “Australia’s biggest killer of women.”

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Dealing with GPs 2

One of our readers reports that he recently saw a GP to get a prescription for another lot of Modavigil tablets, which he’d been using for some time – he got his prescription, but it was patently obvious from the … Continue reading

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