Chinese Medicine 2

Our reader who first alerted us to the possible beneficial effects of Panax Ginseng Extractum capsules, says that he used this website to order 3 bottles of them, and was most impressed with their efficiency.

Their basic price for 30 capsules which cost him $30 or $35 from his local Chinese Medicine Clinic, is $12, but, ordering 3 bottles, postage and insurance took the price up to $18.50 a bottle.

When you have your own PO box, it’s easy, but if you don’t, they require details of where the delivery guy can leave your order if you are not at home when he’s making the delivery.

As we reported in an update to this post, our reader is not as enthusiastic about them as he was to begin with – so it’s up to other readers to decide whether to give them a try or not, at less than a dollar a day.

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