Dealing with AHPRA – the Australian Health Practioner Regulation Authority 7

AHPRA has set up it’s Registers of Practitioners which it praises to the skies as protecting the public as they claim that they can easily use it to check whether a health practitioner is registered or not.

But it has a basic problem – “the name they used for registration” has to be used in searches, not “the name they use to practice.”

See this note on AHPRA’s website:-

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But how the hell are members of the public going to know “the name they used for registration” if it’s different to “the name they use to practice?”

We’ve sent a couple of letters to AHPRA about this problem, and all we’ve got back is a couple of the typically rubbishy replies you get from AHPRA, not even acknowledging that the problem exists.

Fortunately, there’s one very simple answer to this, and that’s to send a letter to a doctor when you can’t find an entry for him or her saying, “Hey, you don’t seem to be registered to practice,” and if they don’t get back to you, don’t under any circumstances consult or use them. That has been our experience with Dr Kayvan Haghighi, Urologist.

And, of course, there’s a very easy solution that could be adopted by AHPRA, but with it’s CEO, Martin Fletcher, being so completely and utterly useless, we can’t expect that to happen any time soon.

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