Dealing with AHPRA – the Australian Health Practioner Regulation Authority 8

With good organisations that have integrity, when you write to them and get replies which are just rubbish, (as we have done four times recently with AHPRA,) there’s someone within the organisation you can contact about it, someone who might care.

At least with the NSW Privacy Commissioner, Dr Elizabeth Coombs, when one of her underlings sends you a disgraceful letter, as recently happened to us, she has an ordinary email address you can use to draw her attention to what has happened – not that it does any good as she doesn’t provide any indication that she has the slightest interest in or concern about what has happened, but at least you waste less of your time.

But with AHPRA, you can’t do that. After you’ve spent the extra time and effort required to utilise their clumsy email forms to send them a letter, and you’ve got a hopeless reply from a member of their “Customer Service Team” which also tells you that you can’t use the ordinary email address they used to send you their letter “as the account is not monitored,” (in other words letters sent to that address go straight into the trash,) – so you utilise their clumsy email forms again to send them a letter, and you get back a letter from the same member of their “Customer Service Team” which is just as hopeless as the first one saying exactly what he or she said before!!!???

Unfortunately, AHPRA, under it’s completely and utterly useless CEO, Martin Fletcher, has no integrity at all. And Martin Fletcher doesn’t care. We seriously wonder if he even comes to work these days.

We would be more than happy to publish his side of the story, but how do you contact him?


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