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We’ve started putting together a list of Sydney Cardiologists and how we’ve got on when we’ve emailed them.

Use this link to visit it.

When it comes to deciding which ones to consider consulting and/or using first, we don’t think it’s rocket science to decide to give preference to those who provide good responses to emails sent to them over those who ignore them. In fact, as you probably know by now, we’d put it a lot stronger than that.

While how we’ve got on may be taken as a guide as to how you may get on, we strongly recommend that you send your own emails as you may get on differently to how we have.

We have included the Cardiologists’ email addresses in our list, so that once you’ve drafted your email, it should only take 2 or 3 minutes per email to send them out. Or we could do it for you.

You are seldom going to get much information, but, as far as we’re concerned, at least you are going to separate the “sheep from the goats” as far as responding to email is concerned.

At present we don’t think this list is ever going to be very long because it seems that most Sydney Cardiologists belong to large practices – sometimes having as many as 15-20 doctors in them – and that most of these practices have a policy of not responding to emails. But we’re still learning about this.

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