Gavin Boneham Optometrist 3

If you want an optometrist who will give you a quote of $460 to supply you with a certain type of contact lens, but then, when you go to pick it up, unashamedly tells you that you will have to pay $640 before you can have it, which includes a fee of $180 for him to “check” the lens – which takes him all of about 10-15 minutes.

And after you’ve paid the $640 and he’s “checked” the lens, you take it away and find that it’s no good, even though he’s “checked” it, to the extent that he says he will give you your money back.

And when you go to pick up your refund cheque, you find that it’s about half the amount you’ve paid, and when you complain, his unbelievably low class receptionist is quite indignant, telling you, “But we have to be paid for our time!”

Then Mr Boneham is your man.

We’d be more than happy to let him tell his side of the story, but he doesn’t seem interested.

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