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We’ve started putting together a list of Sydney cardiologists with details of how they’ve responded or not responded to emails sent to them.

There’s an enormous amount of research that we could and should do before we think of consulting and or using specialists – but we think that learning how they respond or don’t respond to emails is perhaps the most important part of this and that perhaps this list will be helpful.

(From bitter experience we think that anyone who just relies on what a GP tells you is stark raving mad!)

As you can see, we’ve already found three who’ve taken the time and trouble to respond with emails that could encourage you to think that they might be good to deal with. We’re not sure why anyone would bother with the rest when they just ignore you.

There are a number of large Sydney cardiology practices in Sydney, with lots of doctors in them, and our impression is that they each have the rule – “Don’t under any circumstances respond to an email from a patient, current or prospective!”

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