The world we live in 1

Politicians, like all of us have to decide how they allocate the resources available to them.

Geoff Lee, the State Member for Parramatta sends out beautiful brochures to his constituents every month often containing not much more than about 15 photos of himself in “photo opportunities,” and sends hand written congratulations on beautiful cards to them when they have significant birthdays, doing both of which would involve him in spending him a great deal of money. Yet when you send him a letter by email on the assumption that, as a member of Parliament, he may be able to help you in some way with a problem you’ve got, it’s not even acknowledged!!!

That’s how Mr Lee allocates the resources available to him.

We think it’s bizarre, but then perhaps that’s what the people of Parramatta want – he WAS elected again at the last election with an increased majority. Perhaps we do get the politicians we deserve.

We know which type of politician we would prefer, as we seek to live our lives in an increasingly complicated world.

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